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Posted by usanh.editor -Tuesday, June 13 , 2017

Welcome! We love baseball and have a passion to teach the game the right way. That’s what brought Coaches KG, Monty and Nick together in the summer of 2012. We want to offer excellent instruction in a healthy atmosphere while keeping costs to a minimum. We have partnered with New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center to help make this possible. If your son loves the game and is driven to excel, we are thrilled to say you’ve come to the right place! The New Hampshire Bobcats are focused on skill development with an eye on the future -- in baseball and life. Yes, sports are great fun, but the Bobcats realize instilling values of hard work, teamwork and sportsmanship are much more important than winning a game. We are all about the long term.
Some of the benefits of being a Bobcat:

-- Year-round membership to Ultimate Sports Academy, 201 Allard Drive, Manchester. Members have access to cages, HitTrax batting simulator, the basketball court, free weights and agility equipment. Our best players can usually be found at USA four or five days per week!

-- Professional instruction. Players are taught by Bobcats coaches who have college and pro experience. Winter training begins in January and continues with two workouts per week through March. 

-- 25-30-game schedule in the New England Elite Baseball League. Our players are compete against the region's top competition. The schedule includes division games, tournaments, playoffs and New England All-Star Game for top players.

-- Agility and strength training in November and December. We offer an 8-week training program ($200 value) that is included for Bobcats at no extra charge. Players will improve agility, core strength, speed and flexibility.

-- Professional portrait. These photos are used for player EBL pages and social media. We have "Media Day" in February -- just like the major leaguers -- and provide a photo studio and photographer. 

-- 12u Cooperstown Team! We celebrate a player's career on the "small diamond" with a week-long trip to Cooperstown Dream Park. This is the ultimate 12u tournament before players graduate to the 90-foot diamond. 

-- Dodgertown at Vero Beach. Each February, the Bobcats take a break from the frozen Granite State with a trip to Dodgertown for President's Day weekend. This is an optional trip. Players live like big leaguers for three days -- just as the Dodgers did before moving to Arizona for spring training.

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